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Art of Intuitive Living for the Highly Sensitive

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? If you are frequently overwhelmed, feeling anxious,
or if you're wondering why your body and emotions are so effected by everyday life,
then you may be among the 20% of the population who are genetically wired to
be more aware of subtleties than most and to process information more deeply.

Although your sensitivity is a completely natural trait, many people with heightened sensory
perception such as yourself struggle in a world where the majority of people have no way of
understanding what you are experiencing. Their nervous system is simply wired differently.

Good news! You can learn tools that will help you to utilize your GIFT of Sensitivity to
develop healthy boundaries, radiant wisdom, creativity and healing energy.

With a willing heart, an open mind and commitment, you can learn to trust your
inner guidance, rediscover your body’s wisdom and realize your life’s purpose.

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Experience a Magical Life

Explore Your Full Potential and Reclaim Your Inner Brilliance

As a child, were you filled with a sense of wonder and excitement? You are here to imagine and create a joyful life, but over time, external factors - including cultural, familial and environmental – may have influenced your internal experience of life and contributed to self-doubt or loss of your authentic self and your sense of purpose.

By searching for outside validation and ignoring the promptings of our wise heart and soul, many of us give away our personal power, limiting our ability to see all of the possibilities and to make positive life choices. As a result, life can seem dull and choices appear to be limited.

My name is Laura Genoway, and I work with highly sensitive and creative individuals to navigate change and reclaim personal power. If you are ready to ignite your inner fire and experience a magical life, let’s work together.

Spiritual Coach, Certified Intuition Medicine® Consultant, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Aromatherapist.
Subtle Energy (Aura, Chakras and Grounding) Reading, Clearing, Balancing and Personalized Tutorials.
May include: Akashic Records, Relationship Contracts, Personal Path and Life Patterns / Themes.